Pride and Prejudice, My Last Read Novel.

The romantic novel Pride and Prejudice was written by the English writer Jane Austen during the early 1800’s. In this book, she uses the Bennet family to illustrate the difference between the social classes. Elizabeth is the main character, and the second of a five daughter’s middle class household.  She is a very young, intelligent and honest lady. In the other hand, Mr. Darcy represents a very wealthy, honorable and not to very outgoing man. At a social event Elizabeth meets Mr. Darcy and falls in love with him.  But not before showing how a very young lady struggles because of the misbehavior of her two youngest sisters, her detached father and hopeless mother.  Darcy is harshly judged by Elizabeth when he gives an opinion to his best friend, and almost destroys his relationship with her shy, most beloved sister. After fixing his mistake, he helps to rescue one of Elizabeth’s younger sisters, and paying and big amount of money for her not to be dishonor. Elizabeth finally realizes how wrong she was and how much they actually love each other.


First week at school.

There are a lot of things that you can expect from your first week at school. I had a lot of expectations because it was my first Math class at college level in this country, and ENC1101. Most of my classmates are new, and from the professors that I picked, one of them was changed without notice. I thought I was in the wrong class. Of course, the book that I bought was the wrong one. The teacher told me that I was not even close to the one I needed. He is teaching a higher level of English. After looking at his facial expressions during class, I think sometimes he is about to lose his patience. Most of our writing needs a lot of improvements. I hope we learn how to write the way we should.
Getting used to a new routine. Buying the new books and extra material that we always need. Finishing the complicated assignments and trying to be on time to class every day. I forgot to mention! I am a student at the Miami Dade College West. The one that was all over the news because the packing garage that was under construction collapse and kill four men. Because of this terrible accident we were parking on the side road next to a canal, supervised by the city police. When I arrived at school the first day, a very nice policeman told me that we were not allowed to park there anymore. I had to drive across the city, park at the mall, and get a school bus that will drive back to school. Even with the new challenges, students in the area are very confident. Hoping that the school director alone with support of the city of Doral will make the correct decisions to fix the problems as soon as they can, so we could keep moving forward with our future.