Pride and Prejudice, My Last Read Novel.

The romantic novel Pride and Prejudice was written by the English writer Jane Austen during the early 1800’s. In this book, she uses the Bennet family to illustrate the difference between the social classes. Elizabeth is the main character, and the second of a five daughter’s middle class household.  She is a very young, intelligent and honest lady. In the other hand, Mr. Darcy represents a very wealthy, honorable and not to very outgoing man. At a social event Elizabeth meets Mr. Darcy and falls in love with him.  But not before showing how a very young lady struggles because of the misbehavior of her two youngest sisters, her detached father and hopeless mother.  Darcy is harshly judged by Elizabeth when he gives an opinion to his best friend, and almost destroys his relationship with her shy, most beloved sister. After fixing his mistake, he helps to rescue one of Elizabeth’s younger sisters, and paying and big amount of money for her not to be dishonor. Elizabeth finally realizes how wrong she was and how much they actually love each other.


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